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Month: May 2019

Why Your Car Needs a Pet Seat Cover

If you hate getting your dog in crates or your car is too small for one, getting your dog in the car is probably your last option. These two make up for your car interior’s worse nightmare and no matter how you train them, you will still have dirt, grime and dander all over the place. Clean up is tedious and paying to get it clean is ridiculous, especially if you ride with your dog often. It gets even worse as your dog’s claws can scratch, puncture – ruining your car’s upholstery. This is why you need protection for the seat of your car. Here are some of the reasons you need a car pet seat cover.

  1. Protects Your Car’s Interior

Car interior repairs and re-upholstery could cost twice or even three times more than a pet seat cover. And the more damage it has, the more expensive the repair is. If you have a playful dog who loves to run in the car or bite things,these will prevent these costly repairs.

  1. Makes Your Dog Feel Safe

A car pet seat cover is made up of comfortable materials. Unlike leather and other materials used in your car, it makes them feel safer and more comfortable. Pet seat covers come with harnesses that can be placed along with your car’s seatbelt. This keeps your dog secured and in place; thus preventing accidents that could have happened if your dog is loose in the car. Also, a harnessed dog keeps the driver from being distracted – making them more focused on the road. These harnesses also act as a seat belt, preventing your dog from getting injured on sudden stops or when car accidents occur.

  1. Clean Up is Easy.

Even if your car seat is made of leather, the pet dander, dirt, grime, etc could be a pain to clean up. Not only that pet seat covers prevent damage to your car seat, but also averts toilet accidents. The waterproof material of the pet seat cover can prevent leaks that could have seeped inside your car seat if not for this. You can go from dirty to clean in minutes and your passengers will never know what chaos your car has experienced. Simply take off the cover when not in use and the everything that your pet has done with your seat goes along with it. It is as if no pet has ever been in your car.

  1. A Cheaper Solution

Why waste money on repairs if it could have been avoided with a cheap and easy solution. Car pet seat covers are cheap outdoor car covers and even if you bought a lot of it, it is way cheaper than getting your seat repaired.

This will even be more beneficial for luxury cars that are way more expensive in seat repairs.

  1. Your Everyday Seat Protector

Even if you don’t have a pet, a car seat cover can be your everyday seat protector. These covers are superb barriers of dirt, liquids and other things that could leave a stain on your seat.

Practical Factors in Choosing Car Seat Covers

Car seat covers tend to be very expensive. These covers are used more than just to protect the seats. They can also work as a great tool in making the car look good and comfy at all times. In choosing auto seat covers, practicality should not be disregarded in order to have the best cover for your car. Consider the weather. There are covers that are made specifically for a cold weather like the sheepskin. If you are living in a constantly cold climate, then it should be a priority to have that kind of seat cover. For hot areas, those made of cotton fiber is the best. On rainy climate, however, a neoprene which is soft yet water resistant is your safest choice. Take note of the fit. Car seat covers can be customized to have the best fit. Even if you are not going to have a customized set, you can find covers that are made to fit a specific car model, make, and year of the car. A fitted seat cover will last longer and wear better than very loose or very tight ones.

Select the best fabric. Seat cover fabrics can be classified according to its durability. Saddle blanket covers are really tough and will last for a long time. Polyester- cotton fabric, on the other hand, gets easily stained but it can be thrown into the wash anytime. Consider the color or the design. Whether you like having a solid or accented color, or have prints and patterns on the auto covers, always think that it will match your personality as well. You can either choose loud colors and creative patterns to show your light and bubbly self or have solid colors in neutral to dark colors to represent your masculine nature. Do a research for different stores. One way to snag the best priced seats is to compare between the numerous stores that specialize in car covers. You should always consider knowing first what the other shops have for you as their deals may be better with the same set of covers. Know your discounts. Some shops give discounts for certain conditions like buying two or more sets of auto covers, or when you buy covers on special occasions like holidays or the store’s anniversary. Always ask for a discount, the shop will be more than glad to help you out especially because covers do not come cheap. Making your car look nice even if you have it for a few years is easy. All you need to do is give the seats a fresh look and choose the best car seat covers without hurting your budget. Not only will it add up sophistication for your interiors, it will also help deter stains, dirt, and prevent tears on the seats. Make sure to be practical with your choice though so you will not be overwhelmed with the variety of auto covers that are available.

What You Should Know About Car Seat Covers

A new car is a major investment for a majority of the public. As our vehicles become more and more technologically advanced, the cost of ownership continues to rise. Because cars are so expensive, many people are investing more time and effort into the care and maintenance of their vehicles. A well maintained car can last for many, many years and will always have a higher resale value than those that have been poorly cared for. Just like the engine, suspension, and other aspects of a car or truck, the interior of a vehicle must be regularly serviced to ensure longevity. Regular cleaning of the carpet and upholstery will help keep a vehicle looking as good as it looked the day it was purchased. All the vinyl, leather, and any woodwork should be protected from exposure to UV light to help keep it from cracking and looking worn. One of the easiest ways to help protect the upholstery in your car or truck is through the use of seat covers. Seat protection is an important to protecting the resale value of a vehicle. Battered, torn, or worn out seats not only look shabby, but they can also seriously detract from an otherwise mechanically sound automobile. Consistently using quality covers can help protect all of your car seats from premature wear and/or stains.

For a new car, seat covers are varied and plentiful. Many of these covers can be purchased quite easily from your local car parts supplier, or from a dealership. These can range in price, depending on the quality of the materials and workmanship, but are usually the most widely available. However, if you prefer the custom ambience of a professionally tailored car interior, there are businesses that can create high-quality, one of a kind seat covers. Custom designs are often form-fitted to your particular car seats. Unlike the “universal” brands commonly seen, uniquely designed covers often do not look like seat covers at all, but instead look like part of the original equipment. Covers are also an excellent way to disguise old, damaged car seats. Many vehicles that are in excellent mechanical shape often have somewhat worn out interiors. Even the most well-cared-for interiors will eventually wear to some degree. A car seat will often wear out more quickly (especially the drivers seat) than the mechanical parts of a vehicle. Using a quality cover can spare your car seats the indignity of accidental spills, scratches, tears, and many other minor abrasions. This is especially important if one has small children. The variety of different styles and designs can make selecting the right car seat covers seem like a lengthy process. However, many car accessory and other auto parts dealers offer some form of car seat shopping guide. These guides are designed to make shopping for seat covers more convenient and less time consuming. They are often broken down into categories, usually by car make and model, and then by variation in design.

Three Important Factors In Considering Car Seat Covers

In general, most car seats are dull; by using colorful covers, one can add an aesthetic appeal to the seat. Another problem with seats is that they more or less have the same common colors. Also many parents use hand-me-down or used seats which can be ‘jazzed up’ using attractive covers. Many parents do not really give a thought to purchasing car seat covers. For others however, it is extremely important and they invest a great deal of time and energy in choosing the best cover for their baby’s seat. By using this guide, you too can purchase an attractive seat cover which can enhance the safety and comfort of your seat and also make it look attractive and unique.

The baby’s comfort is the first consideration that parents should give due importance to. You should note that a baby is going to rub its face and hands against the fabric of the cover. They also have double stitched seams to withstand wear and tear. Some manufacturers have used this wonderful idea of using covers which also fold up as blankets; so parents can wrap up the baby while on the go. The cover should thus be comfortable and also easy to clean as babies invariably get messy. The cover should be able to withstand multiple washes and should be easy to toss in the washing machine every now and then. The next thing of importance is the safety of the seat covers. There should be adequate slots in the covers for weaving the seat’s belts through them. These slots should be located so as to easily strap the baby in the seat. Some covers may give you difficulty in strapping the seat straps, so do check for ones that are easy. Some seats have the ‘easy-on/off’ functionality. Others come in single layers that can easily cover the existing cover. Thus there are various options available today for parents to choose from. The problem with baby and toddler car seats designed by most manufacturers is that they all look very similar to each other. By using unique and colorful covers, you can ensure that yours stands out in the crowd. Today the car seat covers come in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. Depending on your budget you can choose covers ranging from 30 to 100 bucks, available in floral print, giraffe print, and thousands of other prints to choose from. Some covers are more comfortable than others and this will be determined by the price. Depending on the price you are willing to pay, you can get covers that are beautiful, stylish and also practical. Some covers also include additional features like pockets so you can easily store important baby items like pacifiers, etc.